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Let AI build data
pipelines for you

Meet a new generation data
management platform

Dealing with data is hard

Can’t hire data engineers
for your project?

No people to get data
for a new AI/ML vendor?

Cloud data migration
is delayed again?


Data Lake project is too long and too expensive?

Can't get insights quickly because everything
goes through IT?

Can't find people who understand legacy data?

Slow new client onboarding delays revenue?

Your client has no resource to extract data for you?


Data Ingestion

Generate target data model and ingest the data

Consolidate different
data structures
into one target model

Data Consolidation
Data Normalising

Generate data transformation routines

Provide access
to the data through
low code interface

Data Sharing
Data Extraction

Extract data from
any data source

The Data Management platform
that can scale your data operations

streamlines any part of your complex data project


With up to 80% of time & cost reduction

When AI becomes a brain that brings
your organizational data together

is a Hybrid SaaS that can be deployed to any cloud or on-prem


— AI defined data integration platform

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AI-defined semantic layer construction

AI-defined content-based data mapping

ETL pipeline generation

Unified DWH management and configuration

Maintenance free

Portable - deploy it anywhere, don’t move
your data

Secure and compliant

AI-defined semantic layer construction

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Version history and activity log

Repository for semantic models, mappings and configurations


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Shared models and mapping across
organization units

Reuse of existing models

Case Study

SaaS dashboard and BI for car dealerships in EU integrated with over 20 different systems used
on the market

Case Study

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Meet our team

Leonid Nekhymchuk
Co-founder & CEO
Leonid has spent last 20 years building SaaS platforms, implementing analytics solutions for over 300 US clients, and building scalable engineering teams. Nothing excites him more than a challenging data project. Last 9 years served as CTO
at VisiQuate — SaaS Analytiсs platform company.
Dmytro Zhuk
Founder & CTO
Dmytro is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in data projects and businesses.
Among other ventures,
Dmytro is a co-founder and ex-CTO
of the large IT consultancy company Sigma Software.
A passionate advocate of the
data-driven approach in every aspect of the business.
Irina Shymko
Business Development Director
Irina has 14+ years in managing
IT & software programs, 10+ years of experience in business development, and leadership. Working with large enterprises and small startups. Main interests are technology, R&D, innovations and strategic development, building trustful and strong relationships with different businesses.

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