AI-defined Data Integration


datuum is a no-code platform that uses AI to define and generate Data Pipelines. Trust routine and tedious tasks to AI and get an instant productivity boost

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How it works?


datuum automatically generates ELT/ETL pipelines using AI and ML
for tasks that normally take months of manual work.


Let's see what it's like from inside!


Data Sources


datuum takes any type of source data, including legacy databases, spreadsheet files and flat files.
Any of these Data Sources
can then be formed into Data Pools, and extracted.

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Data Pools & Ontologies


datuum recognizes data from your sources and forms a data model and prepairs it
for mapping based on its semantics

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Schema Mapping

datuum automatically maps any ontology to a target model.

All you have to do is to help AI to get smarter every time you use the platform.

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